Nightboat Books, a nonprofit organization, seeks to develop audiences for writers whose work resists convention and transcends boundaries, by publishing books rich with poignancy, intelligence and risk.

Starting on September 1st, Nightboat Books invites submissions to the 2020 Nightboat Poetry Prize and the 2020 Nightboat Poetry Manuscript Reading Period.

The winning poet receives $1,000, a standard royalty contract, and 25 free copies of the published book. The editors will also accept up to 3 other manuscripts for publication.

Judges/Nightboat Editorial Board:
Kazim Ali, Stephen Motika & Lindsey Boldt

Please carefully follow the submission instructions. Thanks!

DEADLINE: November 15, 2020 at 11:59pm EST.

Complete Guidelines:
ELIGIBILITY: Any poet writing in English. Previous book publication is not a consideration for eligibility. Poems published in print or on-line periodicals, anthologies, or chapbooks may be included, but the manuscript itself must be unpublished. Original work only; translations are ineligible.
FORMAT: 48 to 90 pages (suggested length, manuscripts may be longer or shorter), paginated. Please include title page, tables of contents, and acknowledgments page.
SIMULTANEOUS SUBMISSIONS: Simultaneous submissions are acceptable. Please notify Nightboat Books immediately if your manuscript is accepted elsewhere.
MULTIPLE SUBMISSIONS: Submission of more than one manuscript is acceptable. Each manuscript must be submitted separately, each with a separate entry fee..
INTERNATIONAL SUBMISSIONS: We accept International Submissions.
REVISIONS: The winner will have the opportunity to revise the manuscript before publication. No revisions will be considered during the reading period.
ENTRY FEE: A $28 entry fee to be considered for both the NIghtboat Poetry Prize and for publication by Nightboat Books. In the event that the judges do not select a winner, all reading fees will be returned
DEADLINE: November 15, 2020 at 11:59pm EST.

Winner will be announced by April 1, 2021. Winning collection to be published Spring 2022.
Please submit here. (We're no longer accepting hardcopy submissions to the Nightboat Poetry Prize or the Nightboat Poetry Manuscript Reading Period.)

MORE INFO: Email questions/comments to info AT, but please do not send your manuscript to this email address.

Thanks and Good Luck! We look very forward to receiving your work.

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