Nightboat Books, a nonprofit organization, seeks to develop audiences for writers whose work resists convention and transcends boundaries, by publishing books rich with poignancy, intelligence and risk.

Nepantla began as an online literary journal in 2013, when Christopher Soto and the Lambda Literary Foundation founded it. Over the years, Nepantla has helped raise the voices of some of contemporary America’s finest poets and has reached tens of thousands of readers internationally. Now, for the first time, Nepantla will be available as a printed poetry anthology to be bought at stores and taught in classrooms. Published by Nightboat Books, Nepantla: An Anthology for Queer Poets of Color will feature an array of poets throughout literary history. We want to publish the best work ever written by queer poets of color. Thus, we are not solely seeking first publication rights and we want to read a range of works. You can submit previously published poems. Multiple submissions are okay. Send us your bio and up to five pages of poetry, in a Word Document or PDF. Please, only consider submitting to Nepantla if you self-identify as a queer poet of color. 

Responses, New writings, Flesh
Call for submissions:
We invite: dialogues, songs, sketches, nests, wet maps, multimodal queries and multi-layered cakes from a broad range of writers of color. We are interested in writings, drawings, ephemera, avatars, designs. We are not interested in tracing lineages or developing an alternative canon, but rather would like to consider the space of this anthology, very simply, as a space to discuss new work. For writers, that is, in all the ways that this writing might be— to discuss what channels the urgency of avant-garde writing for a writer of color.
Please send us an excerpt of your work/and/or/play (max 5 pages) that reveals what is becoming possible in your art—as gesticulation, as glimpse, as something very quiet, or otherwise amplified, it doesn't matter—now.
In your writing, we encourage risk, vision, and depth of all dimensions; however, we are restricted to publishing text in 2D print.  We'll also consider all forms of visual art and media, but images will appear in print in black and white. Should we have any questions about specific submissions, we’ll contact individual artists/writers.
Responses, New writings, Flesh
Editors: Ronaldo V. Wilson, Bhanu Kapil and Mg Roberts
Publisher: Nightboat Books (
Reading period: August 18 –November 14, 2016