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Responses, New writings, Flesh

Dear Contributors:

Greetings in these ever so challenging times. We, the editors of Responses, New Writing, & Flesh first, would like to thank you for your generous submissions. The contents of which remain timely and stunning, and speak to the immediacy of the need for experimental writing by folks of color, and our injunctions against/ or into the heart and terror of this time.

Secondly, we send out this note, with a sincere apology for not reaching out after far too long.  By way of our deepest apologies, for each of us, the last few years, and the last one in particular has been extremely difficult, as has been for many of us within our various communities. We reach out now, however, with renewed energy, a new editorial composition, and an update on our anthology.

We would like to assure you that this crucial project is still happening.  We reach out to you quite aware that since so much time has passed, some of you have placed your works elsewhere, and you may wish to withdraw your selections. We, of course understand this, completely.  However, we invite you to leave your submissions with us, should they still be available for publication, or to submit new work you feel may be more compelling for you, for us to consider.

We want to also let you know that we are reopening submissions, because we wish to accept work that perhaps we missed, work that also reflects the urgency of the moment as your work does.  Our sincere hope is that you remain on as contributors to support our efforts, and our definite plan to bring this timely and important anthology to completion, and out to the world.

Best Wishes and Much Gratitude,

Ronaldo, mg, and Tonya

Responses, New writings, Flesh

Call for submissions: We invite: dialogues, songs, sketches, nests, wet maps, multimodal queries and multi-layered cakes from a broad range of writers of color. We are interested in writings, drawings, ephemera, avatars, designs. We are not interested in tracing lineages or developing an alternative canon, but rather would like to consider the space of this anthology, very simply, as a space to discuss new work. For writers, that is, in all the ways that this writing might be— to discuss what channels the urgency of avant-garde writing for a writer of color. Please send us an excerpt of your work/and/or/play (max 5 pages) that reveals what is becoming possible in your art—as gesticulation, as glimpse, as something very quiet, or otherwise amplified, it doesn't matter—now. In your writing, we encourage risk, vision, and depth of all dimensions; however, we are restricted to publishing text in 2D print. We'll also consider all forms of visual art and media, but images will appear in print in black and white. Should we have any questions about specific submissions, we’ll contact individual artists/writers.

Submit here:

Responses, New writings, Flesh

Editors: Tonya Foster, mg dufresne, and Ronaldo V. Wilson Publisher: Nightboat Books (

New Reading period: December 6, 2020 –March 01, 2021.

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